When the order is completed your license information is emailed to the email address you specified on the order form.  If that email address is not correct or there is a problem with your mail server the confirmation email may take longer to reach you or may be unable to reach you all together. Please check all your email accounts carefully for the email. SPAM filters are being used on just about all email accounts and often improperly catch emails from e-commerce sites. Please check your folder where emails that are flagged as spam are sent . This is usually a folder called "bulk", "junk", "spam", but it depends on your ISP.

Keep in mind that before we can help you we must receive the order as well, so if you order was not completed (you did not receive a confirmation number on screen) then you will need to re-place the order.

If your order was processed you can obtain your license information at any time on the licensed user page.