When you place an order you receive the license information for the latest version of the product you select.

There are several possible reasons for your ID code not working:

  • You are using a newer major version of the product you purchased. Your license information work with the version you purchased and older versions. For example, if you purchased V10 your license information will work with 10, 9, etc but will not work with V11. Choose About on the Help menu within the software to determine the version then compare it to the version shown with your license information.

  • You are not entering your name and ID code EXACTLY as it was given to you. Your name and ID code must be entered exactly. We recommend copying and pasting your name and ID code to avoid errors and tedious typing.

  • The date on your computer's clock is not set correctly. Before entering your license information be sure the date is set correctly. You can do this by double clicking on the time and or date in you system tray or notification area or by clicking on the Date and Time icon in Window's Control Panel.

  • A firewall or proxy server is stopping the software from reaching the Internet for activation. Disable any firewall or proxy then re-enter your license information. If you cannot disable the firewall or proxy please contact us for an alternate method of activation. If there is a MACHINE ID shown on the screen where you enter the license information be sure to include that in your email or we cannot provide an alternate method.

  • You purchased the wrong product. Contact us and we will advise you on how to order the correct product and receive a credit for the wrong product.